We will turn your office space into space that works!  With over 20 years’ experience under our belts, we have the solution for you no matter how large or small your office is. We can design, supply and set up your office. We have a huge range of furniture and carpet, but don’t worry, we can make it really easy and stress-free for you!  We have options from the most basic desk, to ultra-modern benching systems to high-end traditional wood veneer. We offer furniture for the simplest home office to an entire corporate fit out for hundreds of staff.

Desking & Benching

Furniture-BenchingNowadays desks are often sold as a “shell” with various types of drawers and connecting surfaces added separately. This means that you can have a truly unique and customized work space. Desks or surfaces can be linked together in groups in a benching format. This saves on space and allows people to work better together. Low dividing panels can also be placed between each desk thereby providing vertical space, so accessories such as paper trays, task lighting or monitor arms to be mounted on the panels. In addition, we offer a wide range of standard desks in light, modern colours to formal and traditional furniture.


Furniture-Work-StationsWe have a huge range of styles, shapes and sizes. You can have a sleek metallic look or a more traditional wood trimmed workstation.  We also offer panels in several different heights with options for fabric or glass. There are also several options for storage within the workstation. With our own design team, we can re-plan any space and make it function better for you!

Waiting Area Solutions

Furniture-Waiting-AreaThis is an important space as it gives your customers their first impression of your company. You can make a real impact here and we can help you create it!

Tables - Conference & Meeting Room Solutions

Furniture-TablesWe have a wide selection of both casual and formal meeting tables. Whether you want a small round table for two or three people, or a large, fully wired formal conference table for twenty people, we have it!

Training Room Solutions


Flexibility and mobility are key. Many people need to move furniture around easily into different configurations. We offer mobile tables in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours. These tables can be linked easily together in groups, then reconfigured into different layouts. Tables can also have “flip-tops” for easy storage!


Furniture-SeatingThere are many different types of seating required in every office. Task chairs, guest chairs, meeting and collaborating chairs, high stools for counters, plus chairs for training rooms, waiting areas and lunchrooms. We provide every type of seating and we place great emphasis on ergonomics and economics without sacrificing style!

Your “task” chair is by far the most important piece of furniture that you ever buy, simply because it is in direct contact with your body for many hours of the day. It is important that you are comfortable and have good back support. We have many different options available and we are always happy to demonstrate chairs.


Filing Solutions

Furniture-FilingFiling requirements differ widely depending on the type of business.  We provide all types of filing solutions with a huge range of filing cabinets, flat-files, open shelving and customized mobile filing systems such as Spacesaver’s high-density systems.


Furniture-CarpetCarpeting can look very stylish and provide a great sense of comfort in an office, however it is also valuable for its acoustic properties, which is often overlooked. We supply modular carpet tiles from Tandus; this is an environmentally-friendly company with high design and style. Tiles are the perfect solution for the modern office. They are quick and easy to lay.  They are also so simple to replace when damaged and they can be fitted in minutes to fill the gap when a wall has been removed.


Planning – From the bare bones to a beautifully fitted office space.  We can plan your office, maximize your space and help with colour schemes.
Project Management – We can also provide project management for the larger projects
Delivery and Installation –   We offer both daytime and evening delivery, assembly and installation services
Relocation Assistance – We can help you move to a new location or simply rearrange furniture within your existing space